Best Price for Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas

So what is the determining factor for what is the best price for hair and makeup in Las Vegas? When looking for the best price it is important to remember, booking an artist is not like buying a toaster, or a new microwave. You have to look at their work.

Artists and Stylists are not created equal.

 Not only do they have different skill levels and experience, but you also must consider their personality and character. They will be with you prior, and often right up to the moment your event begins. When going in front of the camera, going up on stage or reciting your wedding vows, you want an artist with your best interest in mind, who is positive and happy.

Shopping for lowest price is not the best way to pick artists of any type.

Hair and Makeup Agencies

If you are considering booking service through a hair and makeup agency realize they have many artists. The artists have various skill and experience levels as well as different personalities.

Also understand, that the photos on the agency website are hand picked from what can be from a dozen different artists and stylists that they send out.

Look carefully at the quality and quantity of the portfolio of the actual artist that will do your work – not the work of the agency. Ask if the artist has their own website. Get a guarantee from the agency that the work they show to you is the actual work of the artist who will be doing your services. Know who and what you are paying for.

Christiné’s Price for Hair and Makeup

Christiné is not the least expensive, nor is she the most expensive.  Her normal price for Hair and Makeup, done at the clients location is $225.  She offers “group pricing”. The more services she is able to do herself at one booking, the less the cost for each service.

The way you look in your photos will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Christiné wants to make sure you smile every time.

Send us the information on exactly what you need – Who, What, When and Where, – and we will get back to you ASAP with a firm quote that is all inclusive.

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