Cancellation Policies for Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Services

Cancellation Policies: Refunds on retainer deposits depend on how far in advance the booking is cancelled, if it is postponed and if the date(s) are premium dates or normal mid-week days. Cancellation refunds and rescheduling is covered in our Booking Agreement:

Your Deposit

 A Deposit of 50% applied towards the total fee is required for all hair and makeup bookings.

Most events are booked weeks or months in advance. Your deposit is your guarantee that Christine will perform the agreed upon services at the times and dates as listed in your Booking Agreement.

This Booking Agreement prevents Christiné and any other artists who might be booked with her, from taking any jobs that might interfere with them being able to perform your agreed upon services.

In this time they quite possibly will turn down other booking opportunities that might come up for the same date.

Refunds of deposits

We have a sliding scale for refunds. Refunds take into consideration how far in advance the booking is cancelled or rescheduled and the credit card or Paypal fees encountered for processing the original sale and the refund. In making payment of your deposit you acknowledge the following:

Cancellation Policies

  • On a cancellation with more than 45 days notice, we will refund your deposit in full less a 15% service and bankcard fee.
  • If cancelled 30 – 44 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $50 cancel fee.
  • If cancelled within 15- 29 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $100 cancel fee.
  • When cancelled within 3 – 14 days of your booking date, the entire deposit is not refundable.
  • a cancellation within 48 hours of your booking date, the deposit is not refundable and a cancellation fee equal to the unpaid balance of the full quoted rate will be due.

In the case of postponements or rescheduling,

We will, when possible, move your new date or time, at no cost, for the same services, to your new date or time. If however we are already booked or not available for that date or time, rescheduling may not be possible. We will also assist in helping you find an available artist. In such a case when other options do not exist, this will be considered a cancellation and the normal cancellation policies and refunds of deposits fees will apply.