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Re: Wedding Makeup and Hair Services

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Make up Artist and Hair Stylist Services, Wedding Makeup Las Vegas Events, Commercial and Private, Hair and Makeup for Photography, Video, TV and All Media

Rates Fees Costs – Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas

Rates Fees Costs – What is the cost for Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas with Christiné?

Christine’s rates are very competitive.  Christiné has been working in Las Vegas since 1994 and prior to that in Los Angeles and Munich. She has worked every type of production, and event. The actual cost for makeup and hair can vary depending on how many and what type of services are needed where and when the work is to be done and date(s) and time(s) of requested service(s).

If you would like a price quote, please send us the information on what exactly you need – Who, What, When and Where, – and we will get back to you ASAP with an all-inclusive, firm quote for what you request. Once we give you a quote for the services you request there will be no additional “extra cost items” added in at the end.

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Bridal Party and Group Rates?

Bridal Party Group Rates – Weddings, Parties, Private Events, Photoshoots etc. are usually booked at a per person rate. When booked on a group basis, the more services she is able to do herself the lower the average per person costs. The discounted costs for Additional Services or persons depends on the number of services needed and If there is sufficient time where Christiné can do everyone herself. 

When the work is to be done on location, in the client’s hotel room for example, travel distance, parking fees, special services needed etc. must be considered and calculated into the total service costs.

Most Commercial Events are booked as 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour rates. In those cases performing hair and makeup services are as-needed for the course of the time booked. Often Christiné is needed to “shadow” the main person keeping them fresh and looking great during an entire day. Sometimes with groups only touch-ups are needed but there can be many people that need to be done during the course of the production or event.

Therefore, bridal party members, groups, 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour rates usually receive a discounted average fee over single person service rates.

Group Rates and Pricing information for Wedding and Bridal Makeup and Hair services

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Makeup Only Pricing?

Single Makeup Only Pricing is available, however, our normal out-call “in-your-room” or “at-your-location” bookings require a minimum of 2 services: makeup and hair-styling, or 2 makeups only, or 2 hair-stylings.

Two service minimum is however not absolute and depending on time, the date, day of the week, location and the type and style, the Makeup Only service requested may be available on a same-day or next-day basis if available. The best value price-wise is always with 2 or more services.

If you are familiar with Las Vegas you know that traveling to and from hotels and other venues in Las Vegas takes some time. It can require as much as 1 hour (20 to 30 minutes each way) depending on which hotel or venue and the time of the day. Once at the hotel or venue, parking, unloading and getting to the room or event location can be a very long walk through the labyrinth of the hotel concourse, hallways, and elevators.  It is at a minimum, another 10 – 15 minutes in each direction to get to the room from the parking garage.

We calculate in a minimum of 45 minutes just to get to a booking and another 45 minutes to get back or to the next booking.  It usually takes about an hour to do a single makeup, getting set-up, doing the service, and packing up to leave. That adds up to a total of 2 1/2 hours.

If you are local, have the time and transportation and want to come to Christine (4 miles west of the Strip just off of Sahara) her fee is comparable to most quality salon based makeup artists.

Pricing information for Wedding and Bridal Makeup and Hair services

Pricing information for TV Photo, Film, Video and Events

How much do you charge for a trial?

For the best rate a Trial should be booked with the wedding or event session. Mention that you want a trial in your Quote Request and we will include that in your quote. If you know what you want and can bring or send Christiné photos and are sure that your haircut will work with the style you want, there is probably no need for a trial.

However, the day of the wedding is not the day to be indecisive, and there is almost never time to try different styles. If you are unsure about how you want your makeup done and what hairstyle you want, we then recommend a trial.

A trial almost always takes longer than the actual makeup and hair service. For a trial Christiné will discuss the styles you are wanting, make recommendations, go over colors and possible hair styles, and go from there. It will usually take a minimum of 2 hours.

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Can you stay for touch ups, photos, makeup, hair changes?

In the case of weddings and photoshoots, Christiné’ or an associate can stay after the initial makeup and hair is finished for as long as needed. She will stay and do touch ups and if desired she will also change the hairstyle and glamorize the makeup for the different setups or a reception party to give the client a different look. This service is usually priced at to $75 – $100 per hour in addition to the initial service rate.

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If I cancel can I get a refund of my Deposit?

Cancellation Policies: Refunds on retainer deposits depend on how far in advance the booking is cancelled. Cancellation refunds and rescheduling is covered in our Booking Agreement:

Most weddings are booked months in advance. This means a cancellation costs Christiné and other artists who might be booked with her, not only the fee they would have made with the person who cancelled, but likely may have cost them bookings for other events or commercial jobs that had later requested that same date.  That is why we require a retainer deposit for bookings to guarantee availability and then have a sliding scale for refunds. Refunds take into consideration how far in advance the booking is cancelled or rescheduled and the credit card or Paypal fees encountered for processing the original sale and the refund.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A Deposit of 50% applied towards the total fee is required for all hair and makeup bookings. In making payment of your deposit you acknowledge that in the case of cancellation:
— If cancelled with more than 45 days notice, we will refund your deposit in full less a 15% service and bankcard fee.
— If cancelled 30 – 44 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $50 cancel fee.
— If cancelled within 15- 29 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $100 cancel fee.
— If cancelled within 3 – 14 days of your booking date, the entire deposit is not refundable.
— If cancelled within 48 hours of your booking date, the deposit is not refundable and a cancellation fee equal to the unpaid balance of the full quoted rate will be due.
— In the case of postponements or rescheduling, we will, when possible move your new date or time, at no cost, for the same services, to your new date or time. If however we are already booked or not available for that date or time, rescheduling may not be possible. In such a case when other options do not exist, this will be considered a cancellation and the normal cancellation fees will apply.

How to prepare for makeup and hair services

How to prepare for makeup and hair services depends on the service required. If you are doing a business photo it might be sufficient to just get a clean-up on your normal makeup. However if you want to take advantage of Christiné’s skills here is your opportunity to see what an experienced artist would do. In most cases that is why you hire a makeup artist and hair stylist so they can give you your best possible look.

Normally most important is to make sure you and any others in your group who are getting makeup, come with “clean, recently moisturized skin”. Left-over makeup from the night before is a no-no. If we have to remove old makeup it takes additional time and can also stress the skin. We also do not recommend facials within 3 days of your service.

Hair usually styles better if it is “day old” with a bit of left-over hair spray or styling products still in it. Fresh washed is more difficult to style. Please make sure that everyone comes with dry hair. Blow drying wet hair can delay the start of work by as much as 20 minutes and it is an additional cost and should be ordered as a “add-on” service. For best results, hair that is to be curled should not have been “straightened” since its last washing.

We will send you an email with additional “Preparation Information” with your booking confirmation.

Facials prior to getting makeup a good idea?

Facials prior to getting makeup is usually NOT recommended. Christiné does not recommend a facial at anytime within the 3-5 days prior to your wedding — and even then preferably with an esthetician who has given you a facial previously with predictable results. Facials are stressful on the skin, and some skin types can react negatively to different facial products and techniques. Getting a facial short before your biggest day can be risky, so it is best to allow your skin to be “well rested” and free from any recent “traumas”. If your skin needs special attention, try to get the work done a minimum of 5 days prior.

Can you recommend a manicurist or nail salon in Las Vegas?

We do not recommend any particular manicurist or nail studio. There are many and if you are not a resident you might find it the most price effective to get your manicures, pedicures, and nails done just before you come to Las Vegas… I would imagine, however, you will certainly find excellent manicurists in the Las Vegas hotel’s salons and spas.

What brands of makeup do you use?

Christiné brings approximately 100lbs of products, implements, and other equipment to each job and use a variety of different brands and product lines for both makeup and hair including but not limited to: laura mercier, nars, faceatelier, vincent longo, mac, shiseido, make up for ever, shu uemura, urban decay. inglot, arbonne  as well as other selected items from professional lines that most have probably never heard of.

She uses the brands she believes is the best product for the job based on the client’s skin type, needs, the purpose (photos, film, video, events), styles and her almost 30 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industries.

An application will look as good 8 hours later as when first applied with very little if any maintenance. Christiné has no allegiance to any one makeup brand or company. She is a fanatic on cleanliness, never “double dips” and always sterilize brushes, and applicators or use disposables. Christiné does not do airbrush.

How much space needed for makeup and hair?

How much space is needed for doing makeup and hair? If doing one or two people, and only Christiné working, a normal Las Vegas hotel room will be fine. However a mini or full-suite is better and highly recommended if you will be wanting multiple members of the wedding party done, if more than one artist will be working at a time, or if family and friends will be in the room.

Christiné brings her own makeup chair and a reflecting umbrella photography light setup as well, but she will need a clear table area to her right for her work materials. She needs to set up in a very low traffic area with space for a light stand and the three large duffel bags which contain her over 100lbs of makeup, hair supplies and implements.

Hair is best done in front of a mirror. A bathroom, where she will have a mirror and clear counter space for all of her hair styling implements and products is perfect.

I want hair decorations and veil in my hair.

Hair decorations and veil placement can be done as soon as the hair styling is finished.
There is no additional charge.

if If you have them and want them integrated into your hairstyle please show us before we start so we can take that into consideration when styling your hair and put them in place when we finish with the hairstyling.

We do not supply any decorative clips, hair accessories or veils, you would need to supply them.

Looking for the Best Price for Hair and Makeup?

When looking for the best price it is important to remember, booking an artist is not like buying a toaster, or a new microwave.

Artists, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylist are not created equal, not only do they have different skills levels and amounts of experience but you also must also consider their personality and character. They will be with you prior and often right up to going in front of the camera, going up on stage or reciting your wedding vows. You want an artist with your best interest in mind, who is positive and happy. Shopping for lowest price is not the best way to pick artists of any type.

Read Christiné’s wedding reviews and what her brides have said. She has done hundreds of weddings as well as all of her other photographic, TV, video and commercial events.

The way you look in your wedding photos will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Christiné wants to make sure you smile every time.

Christiné is not the least expensive, nor is she the most expensive. She does offer “group pricing” and the more services she is able to do herself at one booking, the less the cost for each service.

If you are considering booking service through an agency who have many artists, you must consider that those artists have various skill and experience levels as well as different personalities. Get a guarantee from the agency that the work they show to you is the work of the artist who will be doing your services. Look carefully at the quality and quantity of the portfolio of the artist that will do your work.

For Christiné, send us the information on exactly what you need – Who, What, When and Where, – and we will get back to you ASAP with a firm quote that is all inclusive.

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Do you work with hair pieces or extensions?

Working with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces for weddings, beauty, fashion and glamour styles is often desired. Las Vegas Hair and Makeup specialist Christiné Copeland uses them frequently when creating beautiful hairstyles for weddings and photoshoots. Christiné is regularly working with hair extensions, and she can supply them at no charge for photo sessions or jobs where she will be there until the end of the session and when she has the extensions of the correct color and length.

However, for weddings, parties, girls-night-out or other events where she does the makeup and hair and then leaves, there is most often not a convenient way to get them back.  For those types of events you should purchase clip-in hair extensions or hair pieces of the proper color and length prior to your service. Make sure the hair extensions and hair pieces have clips and are ready to install and bring them to the session. If you bring your own she can certainly integrate them into your hairstyle.

Early morning start time for makeup and hair

Early morning start time for makeup and hair is not a problem.

Christiné often works TV, Film and Photography shoots that often require she be ready to go at times earlier than 3:00 am.

Can you come to my hotel room, home or office?

Christiné is totally mobile and can setup and do makeup and hair styling in your hotel room, office or home or at outdoor and desert locations. Christiné works much of the time in hotels especially for weddings, events, and conventions.

Makeup and Hair Trial prior to main service.

Makeup and Hair Trials are certainly available, however, if you know what you want and can bring or send us photos and are sure that your haircut will work with the hair style you want, there is probably no need for a trial. 

However, the day of the wedding, event or photo session is not the day to be indecisive, and there is almost never time to try different styles. If you are unsure about how you want your makeup done and what hairstyle you want, we then recommend a trial.

A trial always takes longer than the wedding or event day service. For a trial Christiné will do “before” photos, make recommendations, go over colors and possible hair styles, and then do a full makeup and hair style on you. Photos will then be made showing you how the makeup and hair photographs to ensure your satisfaction. It will usually take 2+ hours.

For the best rate a Trial should be booked with the wedding session. When the trial is booked with the session it is substantially less than the normal session fee. Many will book a trial the day of the engagement photos, or prior to the rehearsal dinner so you can see before the actual event if you would like things done differently.

Air Brush Makeup

Air Brush Makeup is not something Christiné offers.

“…None of the photos on my website are “airbrush makeup”. I became very interested in it when it became a “buzz word”. I bought a system and took some classes. Airbrush makeup is just another technique to apply makeup. It is a “tool”. I believe it sounds great because of the association in people’s minds with “airbrushed photos” — they are not the same. Airbrush makeup will not smooth or cover bad skin any better than traditional methods, and has a lot of other things to consider as well. For beauty and glamour I will put my work up against anyone’s airbrush work… I use the finest makeup products available, and with a combination of brushes, sponges and fingers can give better coverage, as smooth of coverage and longer lasting coverage…”

Airbrushing makeup still requires all the same steps as more traditional methods of application. Cover up and spot concealer and powder is normally still brushed or sponged on in the traditional way. The airbrush cannot “push” or work the products into the skin or into each other. It must still be powdered and the powder must be worked in. Older faces with sagging skin and deep wrinkles need to have a fine foundation worked into the creases – which the airbrush cannot do. I found most of the compressors noisy and many people really hate how it feels, especially when work is done around the eyes.

Much of the “hype” about airbrush comes from the people that manufacture and sell the makeup and equipment. It is almost impossible to find impartial reviews and comparisons because the search engines have been so heavily spammed by those selling the equipment and services. There are many who advertise airbrush who simply are not skilled with it, and ultimately use it as a minimal part of the entire makeup application.

This is not to say that there are not artists who love the airbrush, and are very good with it.  Airbrushing is certainly best for special effects makeup, doing large areas on the body as in tattoo cover-up and tanning and where stenciled designs are required or desired. It is also a quick way to apply a generic foundation color quickly to a large number of people when custom blending of foundation colors is not required or is not practical for time reasons..

One more thing to remember, the use of an airbrush does not mean that the person using it is a great “artist” or that the final result will look better or even good.  If you look at my commercial client list you will see that those who hire makeup artists for commercial work… hire the “artist” and not the “tool”….

Tattoos, scars, stretch-marks

Tattoos, scars, stretch-marks etc.
Many do not want to have their tattoos, stretchmarks or scars show in their photos, but it is best to find a way to cover the problem areas with your wardrobe or accessories than to cover them with makeup.

Sometimes full body spray tanning is the best choice for doing a lot of cover-ups. You can find local spray tan businesses by Googling for them.  Be sure and ask if they can cover tattoos completely.

We can do spot cover-ups of tattoos, stretchmarks and scars , however it will usually be at an additional minimum fee of $25 for the first 15 minutes plus $25 per 15 minutes of additional time, and you must have realistic expectations.

We cannot guarantee that it will look perfect under every lighting situation or that it will not rub off on your clothing or on those you come in contact with.

Because this type of cover-up will take additional time it must be booked with the service in advance so reserved booking times will include the time to do it. The larger and darker the area the more time that is required to cover it. Covering dark tattoos on very light pale skin completely can be very time consuming.

The color of scars and tattoos and stretchmarks can usually be changed sufficiently by layering foundations and coverups to closely match the adjacent skin color, however changes of lighting types, the direction of the light and the varying color temperatures of the different light sources that you will encounter during your day, including the harsh light of direct flash photography may show variations in color and reflectance on “spot or small areas of makeup”. This is because of the different way skin and makeup reflect light and react to those variables.

This is especially a problem for tattoos, stretch marks and scars where the area of the skin is raised slightly higher than the normal skin, or has a texture to it making it 3 dimensional. We cannot eliminate shadows that will come and go depending on the direction of the light…

Another consideration is the location of the cover-up. If the areas will have a lot of contact and or rubbing with fabric from your dress, veil, straps, sleeves, or perhaps more importantly those you hug or rub up against when walking together or during mingling with guests, you will have problems. No matter how well set, makeup will not hold up under sustained contact or friction without continual attention.

What Brides Say


Dear Christine,

I just wanted to say a massive and heartfelt thank you for making me
feel absolutely marvellous on my wedding day …. You did such a fantastic
job (especially considering I’d only hadthree hours sleep and looked like Alice Cooper in his 70’s hey-day).

You made me look like me, only much prettier, and seemed to understand exactly the look I was going for (which was vaguely Priscilla Presley on her wedding day but with less hair and without the bad dress). I have never been so pleased to see a set of photographs in my life as I was with our wedding ones. Everyone at home has been raving about them and
my three friends who all marry next weekend are pathologically jealous as they can’t get you across (the ocean)to do them. I was very upset at our wedding reception in Aberdeen last Friday when my hairdresser didn’t get nearly the right volume (despite having a whole salon at her hands) and at having to do my own face – I looked very flat and weary in comparison to the mastery you produced. And to add to all that you were such fun and such a fantastic person to have around on my wedding
morning that I really couldn’t have dreamed of anyone better. I don’t know how to thank you, I really don’t but will add that should I ever be a millionaire (unikely working for the British Government) or win the lottery, I will fly you across for every special occasion
I attend!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

with love



My husband Mike and I were pleased of your wife’s excellent work on my hair
and makeup. I like how punctual she was and her bubbly personality made my
big day more special. The only negative on our wedding day was that the
wedding photographer was not that great and also he seemed to have been in a
hurry. I did not attach all the photos, but what I felt were the best ones.
Unfortunately, there were only a handful that came out just okay.

my warmest thank you




I was soooo thrilled with Christine’s work- everything from my hair to my make-up, to the way she accommodated
my fear of objects around my eyes–
She was so patient with me! Everything was wonderful! So many people commented
on how beautiful I looked; even my close friends were surprised how glamorous
I looked, but still like myself.


Natasha Lee (Kerr)
B and W photo of happy Las Vegas bride

Hi Christine

I wanted to email and thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my wedding day back in December. It was
so nice to meet you and I hope to be able to call upon you skills the next time I have an occassion in Vegas. You managed to make me feel so glamourous!
My mum and bridesmaid Amanda were raving about the excellent job that you did for their hair and makeup and how you kept us all entertained! I have attached some photos from the wedding day.

Thanks again for everything.

Natasha Lee (Kerr)


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.!

Oh!! I don’t know if you remember, but on the morning of the wedding
at Wynn’s, I was complaining about the fact that they were charging me
$2 each for champagne glasses. Turns out that that was the least of my worries,
do you remember room service, WELL that cost $190. I tell everyone because
I still can’t believe it, 2 panini’s, 1 frittata and pineapple
juice cost that much. But because you did a fabulous job and I was so happy,
it didn’t really matter, but I did tell you that you should have had
some pineapple juice, because it was so expensive it might have helped with
your tummy rumble Ha! Ha! :o)

I can’t seem to say thank you enough, but anyway, once again THANK
YOU. I truly could not have been happier.

— Regards, Kylie.


Hi John… I was very happy with it (my makeup and hair), and the service
she (Christiné




Laurie Lane

Thanks so much for everything!
You do nice work!!! You made my day stress free and I felt beautiful!

Laurie Lane

Jacklyn Almazan-Asas

Hi Christine,

Everybody loved the way our make-ups were done (mine and my maid-of-honor’s). My make-up was perfectly done the way I wanted it and I felt really great
on my entire wedding day.

I never regret choosing you as my make-up artist on this very special day.

Thank you so much!


Jacklyn Almazan-Asas


You did a wonderful job.

I wish you lived clorer I want my makeup like that everday. My photo’s turned out great because of you and the awesome job you did on my makeup and hair.

I can’t express enough how wonderful everything turned out and what a perfect day it was. I have attached pictures came with the frame they are so perfect.
Thank you sooooo much! You should do book instructing people like me on how to do their makeup. I would buy it in a heartbeat —

You are awesome! — Ashley


hi Christiné,

i just wanted to say THANK YOU for making my wedding day so wonderful. Everyone
looked GORGEOUS!! I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!



you did a wonderful job!! I was
very pleased, Thank You so very much!!!



I wouldn’t have looked so beautiful without your master work! 😉 Thanks again for everything you did for us!


Jennifer M. Gannett

Christiné did an amazing job for all of us and her personality is
just brilliant as is her talent. Your professionalism and service are impeccable
and I will most definitely recommend you to others.

Thank you.

Jennifer M. Gannett, MBA


Here are some photos from the wedding day, your work was wonderful!



I am forwarding wedding pics. I would like to thank you for making our wedding even more special.

We all loved Christine and cannot say enough for the spectactular job that
she does. She is amazing, as a make-up artist, hair stylist, and as a person.

She made us all even more beautiful than we could have imagined. We plan on returning to Vegas again soon and will definitely be booking her again just to glam us up for a day.

Thanks again for everything and we can’t wait
to see you again.



Hi Christina,

I am sending pictures from our wedding. Thank you again for doing a great job!

Cathy Lopez

Hi John & Christine!,

I had the most beautiful wedding I could
have dreamed of, thanks to Christine. I am so thankful, she did such a wonderful
job! and so is my husband!.

As far as recommendations go, we stayed at the Mandalay Bay and they were
great, they took care of us from shipping to breakfeast in bed in the honeymoon
suite. We had our ceremony at THE chapel at mandalay Bay and they were also
great. Our reception was held at the Excalibur and the staff was superb I
would recommend them, they were very detail oriented and took very good care
of us, even on a busy day as was 7.7.7.

Everyone asks me about the makeup and I show them all your website! so this
will be fun!

It has been a pleasure, and I can’t wait ’till next time I get makeup from
Fotolook! 🙂

Thank You,

Cathy Lopez (Moore).


I was VERY happy with your work.

We had a great wedding and all went perfect. Have had many compliments on
the pictures….
Thanks for helping us on our wedding day.

Wish I had access to you to do my make up on all special occasions.

Thanks again.




They (photos) turned out FABULOUS!!!
AMAZING!! We love them!

Thanks you so very much for making our day wonderful. You went above and




Hi Christine, You are amazing. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. You did an excellent job on both my hair and makeup. You took the time to make sure everything was just the way I wanted it. I spoke with several different artists and went with Christine and I am so glad I did. I would recommend her to anyone. I wanted to be a sight my husband would never forget when he seen me walk down the aisle….Christine gave me that look. Beautiful and Stunning.. Thank You Your the Best Wanda

Wanda Searles (Gaither)

Thank you for the great make-up,  you did a great job!



I was very happy with Christine’s work, she did an amazing job and I will definitely recommend her to anyone
else getting married in Vegas!!
Thank you, Christine, for doing such a great job and making me look and feel so beautiful on my wedding day!!



Christine was great both as a makeup artist & personality.
I enjoyed meeting her. She did a great job with my hair & makeup. The
pictures prove that. I sure will recommend her to anyone will need her services
in Las Vegas.

— Maha


Hi Christine,

Thanks for making us look so beautiful on my wedding day! Here’s some pics 🙂

You’re the best!



Thanks you for all you did to
make me beautiful. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for sharing
my day!



Thanks Again for all your work. My wife, Joanne.. was soooooooo beautiful. !!!



I want to thank you for being able to do my hair and makeup
for my wedding day.  I could not be happier!  I felt so glamorous
and beautiful on my special day.  People I didn’t even know in passing
went out of their way to let me know how stunning, and how much I looked
like a fairytale princess.  My husband’s first glance was very emotional,
he was speechless and in awe.

Warm regards,


Hi Christiné,

Thank you so much, I loved my make-up and hair. They were just perfect. My day would not have been as special as it was without your help. When you look beautiful you feel special and you helped me feel so special by looking my best.
Thank you again.



Thanks again for the great work you did for my wedding!

I cannot tell you how many compliments…
I continue to receive on the way I looked at my wedding!


Jonathan Seti


I wanted to thank you for doing the Makeup for our Wedding!
Everyone looked
beautiful especially Lori,
She Looked amazing.

Sincerely, —

Jonathan Seti
Make-Up Artist

Kelli Ball – Cunningham
pretty bride with wedding makeup and hair by Christine Copeland

Thanks to Christine, all my girls
and I looked amazing! I truly appreciate the help and enjoyed the process!

All my best,

Kelli Ball – Cunningham


It was so wonderful working with
Everyone in my wedding party was more than happy with your work!  All
of my bridesmaids wished you lived closer to us so you could do make-up for
their weddings!!
Scott and I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for how amazing you made everyone
look and feel on our wedding day!  I was really nervous about being able
to find someone by searching online to do my make-up for our out of town for
our wedding.  Most of my friends who are married had a few test-runs with
a few different make-up artists and picked who they liked the most for their
wedding day.  I knew I wouldn’t have time for that, hence my nerves kicking
in like crazy!  When I found your website my heart literally skipped
a beat because I knew instantly that you were perfect for me and my bridal

My wedding day was the one day I truly wanted to feel beautiful, for myself
and for my new husband.  You completely exceeded my expectations and not
just because you made my entire wedding party (moms included!!) look phenomenal
but you were great to work with and your personality eased the “big-day” stresses
we were all feeling. You made the experience so easy for me from day one that
I wouldn’t have traded you for the world!!  Thanks again for everything!  You
truly are the BEST!!  My hair was amazing too!  It was exactly
what I wanted :o) — C.J.


I am finally back from my wedding and honeymoon, and I would like to thank
you for the wonderful make up and hair styling. Everyone thought I looked
beautiful, and I felt like it too. Carie and I had a great time with you
and we both are very grateful. I would gladly recommend you to anyone and




Hi John!!

I want to thank you , Christine and Desiree so much!!! The communication
was easy and always with a quick response to my very many questions!

I felt so gorgeous on my wedding day!! and my girls looked so beautiful


Liebe Gruesse Natalja

Dear Christine,

Thank you so much for making my bride look so beautiful on our wedding day.
It was the most gorgeous she ever looked. Would you move in with us and
make her up everyday? Again, thanks for doing such a superb job!
Best wishes. — Ed


Hallo Christine,

Ich wollte mich noch bei dir ganz herzlich fuer deine Arbeit bedanken!!!

Mein Make Up und die Haare sahen den ganzen Tag superschoen aus!!! Mein Mann
war total begeistert. Ich habe noch nie so viele Komplimente bekommen wie an
diesem Tag. Sogar von Menschen, die mich noch nicht mal gekannt haben. Wild fremde
Leute wollten unbedingt Foto von mir, vielleicht dachten sie ich sei VIP? Wie
auch immer, an diesem Tag war ich wirklich ein Star und habe es genossen!

Also noch mal vielen vielen Dank,und ich wuensche dir alles Gute fuer deine Zukunft!

Liebe Gruesse Natalja

Tracy Cullison

Dear Christina,

I would just like to say “Thank you” again for a fabulous job on
my wedding hair/make-up. I received SO many compliments all night long on
how amazing I looked. No touch ups were needed, only lips. I remember when
I first checked out your portfolio & website, I just had a Gut feeling
that you would be the right artist for my wedding. You, Desiree` & John
were all Super professional and it made my special day so stress free. Amazing
job…I am SO pleased & will most certainly use you again in the future.
Your make-up/hair was by far the BEST I have ever had done!!!

….Tracy Cullison


“Christiné! …

Oh my gosh! I LOVED what you did. everyone raved about my eyes. The pictures turned out so good. I wish you lived closer as I would hire you for every special event.



The wedding day was perfect – and Tyler loved everything you did! Thanks again for adding so much to our day!



The wedding was wonderful! partly owed to you and your wonderful hair and make up.

Everyone commented on how great my hair and make up looked.

Many wondered if i had a hair piece in and when i said it was all mine, everyone was surprised at how full you made it look!

It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you both pre wedding make-over and on the wedding day

— Trudi


I loved my hair and make-up and
the photos turned out beautiful.
I would love to have them on your site. Let me know when its updated so I can

Thanks for everything!



I have been meaning to thank you so much for making me the moost beautiful bride ever!

Dan and I took pictures at the Bellagio and complete strangers were coming up to me to tell me how beautiful I looked!

…and even thought my makeup was applied in the morning, I didn’t have to refresh it once, the makeup and hair lasted up until 10pm that night when my reception ended……

Kind Regards,


Christiné and John,

Thank you again for my beautiful wedding makeup and hair. My sister and
I were absolutely in love with your work, and you made us feel completely
at ease on the day. Both hair and makeup were even better than we hoped and
looked amazing in the photographs (so much so that my friends asked whether
we’d taken professional lighting up the mountain!)

Many, many thanks,


Lacey Becker

if it wasn’t for Christine I would have never looked so good. She did such
a beautiful job, everyone looked so great, I could not believe how fast she
worked, she just knew what to do to make eveyone look their best. My make-up
did not come off the whole day. People kept commenting on how great I looked.
🙂 I was so pleased with it.

Thank you all so much for making my wedding day a dream~!

Lacey Becker

Princess for a Day!

At the wonderful ripe age of 45, I got married to my boyfriend of 17 years in Las Vegas. My delicate English rose skin suffered in the dry Vegas weather, but Christine worked miracles to make me feel like a Princess for the day! She listened to what I wanted & performed her magic. In searching for a great make up artist, I typed something along the lines of ‘best make up artist in Vegas’ and I booked her! Her warm, affable nature puts you at ease & within 10 minutes, it felt like my best friend doing my make up for me on my wedding day. Don’t look any further – you’ve found the best! Thank you Christine! You’re simply the best!

Kara Whitehead
Sarah-Jane Morris
Sara Jane portrait from Valley of Fire Wedding

Hi John and Christiné,

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Christiné do
my bridal makeup on May 10th. The makeup was beautiful, and I’ve received
lots of lovely compliments because of it. Christiné, you were such
a delight to meet and you made it all so much fun… I will certainly not
hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who decides to get married in
Vegas – hopefully we’ve inspired a few couples to do so! 🙂

Thanks so much once again. It was a wonderful day, thanks in great part
to you and your wonderful work.


Sarah-Jane Morris


it was really nice doing business with you. I will definitely recommend your good service to all of my friends.

thank you.

Couldn’t ask for anymore!

On the day of my wedding, Christine was on time with a smile. Christine is great to work with, she did mine and my bridesmaids make-up and hair exactly how I wanting and it looked amazing. She was also great at keeping me calm and making the whole morning nice and easy! The Make up stayed on all day and looked great in the photos even in the heat. I would 100% Recommend Christine and I would defiantly use her again.

Victoria Legg Macgregor

I was very happy with my wedding

hair and makeup and the photos look great!

Best regards,


Vanessa & Mike

We love how everything turned out! Christine, I would have been a mess without you! I want to say thank you,
thank you, thank you! You are amazing! Everyone loves our photos and you where so great to work with!
Much Love,

Vanessa & Mike


I thought you did a wonderful job and was more than pleased with my makeup and hair.
Everyone at the wedding and those who have seen the wedding pictures have commented that my makeup looked flawless.

— Christie

Jaimie Goldman

I promised to share the pictures from my wedding this past weekend. She (Christine) truly did an amazing job in transforming me into a gorgeous bride!
Send her my best please!

— Jaimie Goldman(McDowell)

Amazing Hollywood Look!

My girls and I, we had a big luck to have a chance to book with Christine. She did a fabulous make up for all four of us. No matter what look you need and how demanding you are, Christine will match your look just right. She has a great personality and we had a great time. I felt like a professional model on her chair and can’t wait to do the make up and photo-shooting with her again. Thank you so much, dear Christine!

Kamilla Amirova
Yvonne Woodman


I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous makeup you did on me for my wedding
as well as hair! You turned me into a princess for my prince for a day!!
Everyone that has seen the photos has raved about how beautiful, gorgeous
and sexy I looked. It is all thanks to you. Crystal has gotten the same responses
as well. We both had such a good time during our makeup/session. You are
such a lovely person and made us both feel like we were all old friends which
helped to put us at ease on a day when our nerves were on end! Thank you
again from the bottom of my heart!!

The next time I am in Vegas, I would like to come down and have some photos
made for my new hubby. Thank you again!!

Yvonne Woodman


… thank her very much for a beautiful make
up and hair that she did.

Everyone love it!



Hi Christine’

I just wanted to thank you again for my make-up and hair, I ABSOLUTELY loved
it!!!! Attached are two pictures of that night. 1 with my mom and one with
my husband 🙂 Let me know if you need or want any more. These were pictures
taken with my camera….

We plan on doing some anniversary trips out to Vegas, so I’ll make sure
to make appointments with you for a night out in the city 🙂

Thank you again!!!

Sasha Sparks


You did a fantastic job, feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need to!

“Sasha Sparks”


Hello Christine:

Thank you very much for making me look and feel like a princess on my wedding
day. My hair and make up lasted all night…




Here are a few pictures from my wedding. …
Just wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job on my make-up and hair.
Thanks yto you I looked like the beautiful bride I wanted to be…
My husband thanks you to :-).

Thank you again…”


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