Las Vegas Makeup Artist Business Portraits and Headshots

Christiné has been doing Makeup and Hair Styling for executives and business professionals, men and women, for TV, photography, and live events for over 15 years. She works regularly for top media organizations and her CLIENT LIST is full of top CEOs, executives, Politicians, News Moderators and Commentators. Check for her availability and rates for your project.

composite image of men's headshots and portraits

Variety of Men’s Headshots with Hair and Makeup by Christiné

Makeup is for Men too!

We call it “Men’s Grooming”. Nothing looks worse than a shiny red nose, a pimple here or there, ruddy cheeks, dark eye circles, or dry flaky skin staring back from the business photos or modeling pictures you paid for.  Sure, some of that can be fixed with retouching, however they will need to be fixed on every photo that you want to possibly use.  If those things are all corrected or minimized, retouching those problems will not be necessary.

Makeup can also slim down faces, enhance jawlines, minimize shine on thinning hair and give a younger look. Male grooming, makeup for men, is something many artists get wrong.  A man 99% of the time wants to look like a man… just better… without the red nose, or rosy cheeks or dark eye rings… but he does not want to look like he has makeup on.  A good makeup artist will also look for other things with hair, mustaches. beards etc. Nose and ear hairs are often over-looked by guys… but if you have to look back at them in every photo you will wish they didn’t show.  No matter the style, whether slick and sophisticated or rugged and rough well placed makeup can enhance the look.

Women know what good makeup can do

Women’s business portraits and headshots should have a natural look and style, and what is natural looking for one woman may be very different for another. Different businesses require different “natural” looks. Getting a great “natural looking makeup” is much more difficult than doing a stronger makeup and takes a much more delicate touch. You can’t just do a “light makeup” and you definitely don’t just want to do it heavier.

Makeup for photography is different and natural looking makeup application requires all the same steps as a glamourous makeup. Christiné is used to working with photographers and video teams and she knows how to get a great sparkling natural look, with just the right amount of “glow” and color.  A good makeup artist minimizes any problem areas and enhances the subjects best features without them over powering the subject.  Hair and make, no matter whether for executives or actors or models is what brings it all together and gives the photographers the knowledge that their photos will look the best they can for that particular subject.

composite image of women's headshots and portraits

Variety of Women’s Headshots and Portraits with Hair and Makeup by Christiné

Makeup and Hair Formal Group Photo

Formal Group Portrait for Las Vegas Law Firm

Casual Business Portraits of Employees

Casual Style Business Portraits of Company Employees


Makeup for Actors and Models – keeping them Beautiful!

You will find very few actors, models, or television personalities, who would ever consider doing a photoshoot or video without makeup. Whether you need something fresh and light for a daytime business engagement or commercial headshot or interview, or something more dramatic and exotic for theatrical headshots – or a sexy makeup and hairstyle for a important go-see or interview – you can feel confident that you will look your very best when Christiné is finished. Las Vegas is a major hub for conventions, events, contests and competitions of all types. Christiné’s skills have given beauty pageant contestants, fitness competitors and visiting tourists the clean looks and styles they have needed for their special occasion,


zed cards for models and enterainers

Good makeup and photography makes for good zed cards and composites.


Good makeup makes for good headshots


An important step for every great headshot or portrait!

Great hair and makeup for portraits, headshots, portfolios and special events can give you that extra edge that comes from knowing you look amazing!  We can’t forget portraits for loved ones.  Makeup will add a consistency to couple portraits, family portraits or group portraits and make everyone look their best. Christiné has group rates to allow for everyone be done.  She brings enough makeup and hair care products and tools to every job to cover most every need.  No matter the subject’s gender, ethnicity or age, Christiné is prepared with the necessary items. She uses only the finest products. Clients who want to look good at events and parties can feel confident – It is Christiné’s goal to make the makeup fit not only the occasion, but the location as well, to ensure that her clients feel their best and empowered with a vibrant and healthy appearance befitting the occasion.



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