How to prepare for your makeup and hair services

How to prepare for makeup and hair services depends on the service required.

Normally, the most important, is to make sure you and any others in your group who are getting makeup, come with clean, dry hair, and  “clean recently moisturized skin”.

Moisturize, Moisturize, moisturize! Las Vegas is in the desert, and the dry air sucks all the moisture from your skin. Please be aware and over-moisturize in the days leading up to your service and while you are in Las Vegas. to keep your skin as fresh as 

Left-over makeup from the night before is a no-no. If we have to remove old makeup it takes additional time and can also stress the skin.

We also do not recommend facials within 3 days of your service.

Hair Styling For best results, hair that is to be curled should not have been “straightened” since its last washing and vice-versa.

Makeup and Hair for Business Photos

If you are doing a business headshot some prefer to just get a “clean-up” on their normal day to day makeup. In that case you can come with your normal makeup and Christine will maintain the integrity of your look and style.

However if you want to take advantage of Christine’s skills, here is your opportunity to see what an experienced artist would. In this case to prepare for makeup and hair services the rule of clean recently moisturized skin and dry hair will apply.

We will send you an email with any additional tip to prepare for makeup and hair services with your booking confirmation.