Makeup Artist in Las Vegas for Corporate Events,TV and News Media Interviews

Makeup Artist in Las Vegas for TV, News, Media Interviews, Photography, Corporate Events, Conventions, Exhibits, Experienced in Executive and VIP interviews, Satellite Media Tours, Live Feeds, CNN, NBC, FOX, men and women. 

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the CoverEdge HD Satellite truck

I have worked freelance for CoverEdge since 2003

In 2003 I began working as a Makeup Artist doing TV News Media Interviews for CoverEdge. 

Before then I had done mostly glamour and fashion styles of makeup and almost all on women. While working n L.A. I had done male actors and models but working for CoverEdge opened up a whole new world for me. I have worked with some well known, powerful and intellectual men and women. People that most will only ever see on their TVs or on the Internet. I feel honored to have the opportunity to meet many of them.


CoverEdge provides studio services to FOX, CNN, MSNBC and most other networks and I have done more than 100 assignments with them.

I have developed great relationships with other similar production companies as well — doing SMTs, interviews and all other production makeup needs. 

As a free lancer I am free to work for anyone. This type of work, especially for the news agencies is sometimes very short term notice so I am not always available but I really do love doing this type of work.  It often needs to be done quickly while making the subjects comfortable. I try to make it all as stress-free for my subjects as possible.

I often work on VIPs, Executives, Politicians, Business and Media Personalities.

It is always important to not only understand how the makeup and hair should be done, but also being sensitive to the personality of the individuals being done. People being interviewed are not always used to being in front of the camera and can be quite nervous, some want quiet so they can concentrate on their upcoming interviews while others want and need conversation. I try to adjust accordingly.

Makeup Artist in Las Vegas for TV News Media Interviews - Julio Cesar Chavez

interview of Julio Cesar Chavez for Telemundo

Commercial Shoot at LV Speedway

Commercial Shoot at LV Speedway

Early call times are never a problem for me.

Las Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone. We often need to start very early to satisfy the east coast live media scheduling for the network morning shows.  I often work major conventions doing hair and makeup for TV reporters and commentators. I follow the TV crews through the events, assisting and keeping the on-camera talent looking fresh and perfect.

I have worked on hundreds of Photo shoots and many Live Feeds and SMTs.

I know what is needed and I respect the entire crew as well as the on-air talent. It takes a team and I always feel honored to be a part.

mens business portraits headshots

mens business portraits headshots

Photography, Video, Corporate Events and Conferences put faces on 10′ x 20′ LED Displays

These days most every event, trade show, conference and convention uses giant LED video wall displays of speakers and guests to maximize their engagement with their audience.  When a person’s face is put up on a 10′ x 20′ display the viewer gets a very up-close and personal view. It is very important to make sure they look cool calm collected and their skin has no red splotches and the glare of the spotlight doesn’t have them too shiny and bright!

I have done many executive for conferences and corporate events and worked for fortune 500 companies and their satellite businesses.

My Client list has many corporate clients I have worked on doing major events here in Las Vegas.  Working with high profile executives, CEOs, and major political figures and pundits is commonplace for me and I am very comfortable working with them. I have met some amazing people and every job is exciting and rewarding.

Makeup and Hair Formal Group Photo

Formal Group Portrait for Las Vegas Law Firm

Makeup for Still Photography 

Corporate Events and Commercials often have a Still Photography component and group shots require everyone be ready at once. I am fast but sometimes a second or even third artist is needed for larger group and tight schedules. I have access to other great artist is more will be needed.


Makeup Artist in Las Vegas for TV News Media Interviews Chuck Todd Rand Paul

Chuck Todd Interviews Rand Paul

I am a very experienced as a makeup artist and hair stylist for most all genres of visual media. 

I have been in Las Vegas since 1994 and in Los Angeles for 6 years prior.  I have worked on photo shoots and video productions since 1985 when I began working as an assistant in a Munich photo studio. There we had steady streams of productions for some of Germany’s biggest publications at that time. I assisted a top German hair stylist and make up artist and did what ever needed to be done. I was hired by an American photographer to do all the makeup and hair on the models he was testing.  We eventually married and I have been in the business ever since.  My About Me page tells the whole story.


If you are in need of an experienced makeup artist and hair stylist for photo sessions, video productions, TV, live feeds, satellite media tours, conventions or corporate events…

Makeup Artist in Las Vegas for TV News Media Interviews

Live Feeds, SMTs, Media Interviews

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