Las Vegas Makeup Artist for Mature Women

Beautiful Mature and Stylish Makeup and Hair for All Occasions – Photography Session, or just a Night Out On the Town!

Youtube style makeup doesn’t work on mature faces

You just can’t retouch real life. As we get older things change. Not only do we become more knowledgeable, smarter and more sophisticated, but our physical needs change as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are the Bride, or the Mother of the Bride, or if you are an executive, a business professional getting your business headshots or if you are having a sexy mature boudoir photoshoot for the special person in your life. You will alway feel your best if you look your best.

Our skin and our bodies change and it requires adjustments in the way we live. Older skin has special needs. The makeup you applied when you were in your 20s just doesn’t work or look like it used to.  However, just because we aren’t 18-35 yrs anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still look great.

Christiné is in her 50s and has been doing Skin Care, Makeup and Hair Styling for executives and business professionals, men and women, for TV, photography, and live events for since she left her small village in Germany at 16 yrs old to study cosmetology in Munich. You can read her story in her “About Page”

These days as a free lance artist she works regularly top media organizations and her CLIENT LISTis full of top CEOs, executives, Politicians, News Moderators and Commentators.  Check for her availability and rates for your project.

ACCopeland Headshot - March 2021

Christine Copeland, 60 yrs

over 60 and Looking Great

over 70 and Looking Great

Mature Women Need Special Attention!

Older, mature skin require different cosmetic products and different techniques when applying it. You have probably seen a lot of bad makeup. These days everyone fresh out of cosmetic school calls themselves “Makeup Artists”. (Instagram anyone?) You have seen those garish colors, the ridiculous looking over-contouring, the too-thin or too-thick and bushy eyebrows and the overdrawn lips that make women look like clowns. Makeup so thick that it looks like it has been applied with a trowel. 

Experienced Makeup Artists for Mature Women know what works and what doesn’t

You probably want makeup. Nothing looks worse than a shiny red nose, a pimple here or there, brown spots, ruddy cheeks, dark eye circles, and dry flaky skin staring back from your photos, the business headshots, portraits or glamour pictures you paid for.  Some of that can be fixed with retouching, (Instagram Anyone?) However every photo that you want to possibly use will need to be fixed. 

Makeup  Performed by a Skilled Artist Who is Experienced with Mature Women Will Take Away Your Worries

If those problem things are all corrected or minimized with a beautiful natural looking makeup, retouching all of those problems will not be necessary. Makeup can subtlely slim down faces, enhance jawlines, and give a younger look and of course great eyes!

Makeup for Women over 40 years old
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Makeup for Mature Women – the youngest is 35 the oldest is 72

We All Know What Good Makeup Can Do

We also know what bad makeup can do. Christiné uses only the best products that are tried and true. She brings over 80 lbs of makeup and hair products and implements. No matter your skin tone or condition she has the product that will give you the best results and last throughout the time you need it. You will look beautiful and healthy and with just the right amount of glamour that you are looking for.


You Can Feel Like You Are 18-35 yrs Again
When you look Great!!! You Feel Great!!!