Makeup and Hairstyling for Fitness and Bodybuilders in Las Vegas

“Mobile Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in Your Hotel Room,
at Your Photoshoot, in the Gym, Studio or other Las Vegas Location” —

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Please consider me for your Makeup and Hair Styling for contests, competitions, and pageants.
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I first started doing makeup for fitness photography in L.A. in the late 80s and early 90s, working for the amazing, iconic fitness photographer Robert Rieff.

I was lucky my husband had known Robert for many years and he was looking for an experienced artist that could work within the editorial budgets being paid by Weider Publications in those days.  It gave me the chance to work on shoots with him for Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness and Shape magazines.


One of my first jobs with Robert was with Cory Everson, an icon of women’s fitness.

After we moved to Las Vegas Robert booked me for shoots he did here.

I was able to work with other well known body builders and fitness competitors.

We have many major bodybuilding competitions and fitness shows being held in Las Vegas.

I am booked often by not only pro fitness competitors, but also fitness enthusiasts, some competing in their first event, or those doing photoshoots while in town.


My Client List has some well known competitors and local fitness trainers I have worked with.

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I have worked doing makeup, hairstyling and men’s grooming on fitness shoots with some of the top photographers in the business

As well as the great photographer Robert Rieff, I have also worked with some of the very best fitness photographers in country.

When they are in town, I have had the opportunity work with Alex Ardenti, Ian Sitren, Stewart Volland for Oxygen magazine, and Las Vegas photographer John Copeland.

In the interest of full disclosure John is my husband and is his/our photography website.

With his years as an internationally published centerfold photographer, experience photographing bodies and his skills in lighting the human form, it was a natural for John to be doing fitness photography in Las Vegas.


Are you coming to Las Vegas for one of the many fitness competitions, bodybuilding shows, beauty pageants or contests?

If you want to look your very best, or do a great photoshoot, we hope you will contact me.

Fitness competitions usually have a very tight window of time to do the makeup and hair prior to the interviews, judging, photoshoots and all, so I am most often only able to do one or at the most two competitors for any one event.

If you want to book me for an event, or for information on doing a fitness photoshoot while in town please contact me through my contact form with your needs. We will get back to you ASAP with availability and a price quote.

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