Makeup or Hair Only – Pricing

Single Makeup Only Pricing is available. However, our normal out-call “in-your-room” or “at-your-location” booking rate is for a minimum of 2 services: makeup and hair-styling, or 2 makeups only, or 2 hair-stylings.

The two service minimum is however, not absolute.  Depending on the date, day of the week, time, location and the type and style, the single Makeup Only service  may be available. Same-day or next-day requests may also be available. The best value, price-wise, is always with 2 or more services.

If you are familiar with Las Vegas you know that just traveling to and from hotels and other venues in Las Vegas takes some time. It can require as much as 1 hour (20 to 30 minutes each way) depending on which hotel or venue and the time of the day.

Once at the hotel or venue, parking, unloading and getting to the room or event location is at a minimum, another 10 – 15 minutes in each direction. It can be a very long walk through the labyrinth of the hotel concourse, hallways, and elevators.

We calculate in a minimum of 45 minutes just to get to a booking and another 45 minutes to get back or to the next booking.  It usually takes about an hour to do a single makeup, getting set-up, doing the service, and packing up to leave. That adds up to a total of 2 1/2 hours.

If you are local, have the time and transportation and want to come to Christine (4 miles west of the Strip just off of Sahara) her fee is comparable to most quality salon based makeup artists.

Pricing information for TV Photo, Film, Video and Commercial Events