Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.!

Oh!! I don’t know if you remember, but on the morning of the wedding
at Wynn’s, I was complaining about the fact that they were charging me
$2 each for champagne glasses. Turns out that that was the least of my worries,
do you remember room service, WELL that cost $190. I tell everyone because
I still can’t believe it, 2 panini’s, 1 frittata and pineapple
juice cost that much. But because you did a fabulous job and I was so happy,
it didn’t really matter, but I did tell you that you should have had
some pineapple juice, because it was so expensive it might have helped with
your tummy rumble Ha! Ha! :o)

I can’t seem to say thank you enough, but anyway, once again THANK
YOU. I truly could not have been happier.

— Regards, Kylie.