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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mobile Makeup and Hairstyling Services in Las Vegas, Weddings, Events, Commercial and Private, Makeup and Hair Styling for Photography, Video, TV and All Media

Rates Fees Costs – Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas

Rates Fees Costs - What is the cost for Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas with Christiné? Christine's rates are very competitive.  Christiné has been working in Las Vegas since 1994 and prior to that in Los Angeles and Munich. She has worked every type of production, and...

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Events Parties and Group Rates

Events, Parties and Group Rates -  Single booking are charged a normal per-person rate. When 2 to 3 persons, events or parties, are needing services, they are booked at a group rate. The more services Christine is able to do herself, the lower the average, per-person...

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Makeup Only Pricing?

Makeup or Hair Only - Pricing Single Makeup Only Pricing is available. However, our normal out-call "in-your-room" or "at-your-location" booking rate is for a minimum of 2 services: makeup and hair-styling, or 2 makeups only, or 2 hair-stylings. The two service...

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cost for makeup trial?

What is the cost of a makeup trial? The cost for makeup trial will vary. Do you want a makeup trial only? or makeup and hair? or maybe hair only? For the best rate a Trial should be booked with the wedding or event session. Mention that you want a trial in your Quote...

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Can you stay for touch ups, photos, makeup, hair changes?

Can you stay for touch ups, photos, makeup and hair changes? In the case of weddings and photoshoots, Christiné' or an associate can stay after the initial makeup and hair is finished for as long as needed. This service is priced at $50 - $100 per hour in addition to...

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If I cancel can I get a refund of my Deposit?

Cancellation Policies and Refunds Cancellation Policies: Refunds on retainer deposits depend on how far in advance the booking is cancelled. Cancellation refunds and rescheduling is covered in our Booking Agreement: Your Deposit  A Deposit of 50% applied towards the...

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How to prepare for makeup and hair services

How to prepare for your makeup and hair services How to prepare for makeup and hair services depends on the service required. Normally, the most important, is to make sure you and any others in your group who are getting makeup, come with clean, dry hair, and  "clean...

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What brands of makeup do you use?

Brands of Makeup Christine uses Christiné brings approximately 100lbs of products, implements, and other equipment to each job.  She use a variety of different brands of makeup and product lines for hair and makeup. Christiné has no allegiance to any one makeup brand...

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Space needed for makeup and hair?

How much space is needed for doing makeup and hair? When needed she can work in a very small space. Ideally doing one or two people, and only Christiné working, a corner in a normal Las Vegas hotel room should be fine. However, if you will be wanting multiple members...

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Best Price for Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas

Best Price for Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas So what is the determining factor for what is the best price for hair and makeup in Las Vegas? When looking for the best price it is important to remember, booking an artist is not like buying a toaster, or a new microwave....

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Working with Hair Extensions?

Working with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces Working with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces for weddings, beauty, fashion and glamour styles is often desired. Las Vegas Hair and Makeup specialist Christiné Copeland uses them frequently when creating beautiful hairstyles...

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Early morning start time for makeup and hair

Early morning start times for makeup and hair are not a problem. Christiné often works TV, Film and Photography shoots that require she be ready to go at times earlier than 3:00 am. Early morning start times are no problem at all. Being on West Coast time in Las...

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Can you come to my hotel room, home or office?

Hair and Makeup in Hotels or on Location in Las Vegas Area Christiné is totally mobile She can setup and do makeup and hair styling in your hotel room, office or home or at outdoor and desert locations. Christiné works much of the time in hotels, especially for...

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Makeup and Hair Trial

Makeup and Hair Trials However, many of Christine's clients are from out of town. If you know what you want, and can bring or send us photos. There may be no need for a trial. However, the day of the wedding, event or photo session is not the day to be indecisive, and...

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Air Brush Makeup

Air Brush Makeup "...None of the photos on my website are "airbrush makeup".  I became very interested in airbrush makeup application when it became a "buzz word". I bought a system and took some classes. Airbrush makeup is just another technique to apply makeup. It...

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Tattoos, scars, stretch-marks

Makeup coverup for tattoos, scars, stretchmarks, and brown spots.   Makeup coverup for tattoos, scars, stretchmarks, and brown spots requires multiple layer  applications and additional time. Many do not want their tattoos, stretchmarks or scars show in their...

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About Me

About me

ACCopeland Headshot - March 2021

Christine Copeland Las Vegas Makeup Artist

I have been doing hair and makeup for over 30 years. I was born and raised and schooled in Germany. I started doing makeup for German magazines, and later moved to L.A. where I did actors and models and entertainers. I have worked in Las Vegas since 1994 and have worked with dozens of photographers and production companies doing hair and makeup for photography, video, film and live television.

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