Christiné brings approximately 100lbs of products, implements, and other equipment to each job and use a variety of different brands and product lines for both makeup and hair including but not limited to: laura mercier, nars, faceatelier, vincent longo, mac, shiseido, make up for ever, shu uemura, urban decay. inglot, arbonne  as well as other selected items from professional lines that most have probably never heard of.

She uses the brands she believes is the best product for the job based on the client’s skin type, needs, the purpose (photos, film, video, events), styles and her almost 30 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industries.

An application will look as good 8 hours later as when first applied with very little if any maintenance. Christiné has no allegiance to any one makeup brand or company. She is a fanatic on cleanliness, never “double dips” and always sterilize brushes, and applicators or use disposables. Christiné does not do airbrush.