Working with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces

Working with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces for beauty, fashion and glamour styles is often desired. Las Vegas Hair and Makeup specialist Christiné Copeland uses them frequently when creating beautiful hairstyles for  photoshoots.

For Photoshoots

If she has the extensions of the correct color and length she can supply them at no charge for photo sessions or jobs where she will be there until the end of the session.

For Events – Bring Your Own Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces

For parties, girls-night-out or other events where she does the makeup and hair and then leaves, there is most often not a convenient way to get them back.  For those types of events clients will need to supply their own extensions.

Purchase clip-in hair extensions or hair pieces of the proper color and length prior to your service. Make sure the hair extensions and hair pieces have clips and are ready to install and bring them to the session. If they need trimming, have that done prior to your event. Christine does not do cutting or trimming/

Christiné will integrate Hair Pieces and Extensions

If you bring your own, Christine can then integrate them into your hairstyle. In most cases there is no additional charge for working with hair extensions and hair pieces.