Best Las Vegas Makeup Artists – Actors-Models-Entertainers

I go where ever needed in the Las Vegas Valley doing Make up and Hair Styling for photography sessions, video productions, competitions, pageants, and special events. For information and a quote on special packages CLICK HERE

Actor and Model Portfolio and Headshots

I use my years of experience to make sure I do just the right makeup for my client’s needs.

If the client must look natural and fresh, she or he will be her most beautiful natural, and as fresh or handsome as possible.

If she wants full-on glamour makeup or high fashion makeup look with smokey eyes and strong contouring for an important photo session or a night on the town that is what I will do.

Male grooming, makeup for men, is something so many artists get wrong.  

A man 99% of the time wants to look like a man… just perfect… without the red nose, or rosy cheeks or dark eye rings… but he does not want to look like he has makeup on. 

Makeup and grooming of men should not be overlooked. No matter the style, whether slick and sophisticated or rugged and rough, well-done makeup will enhance the look.

I have been doing Makeup and Hairstyling for Actors and Models for many years and I know what they need.

There is no substitute for experience. I am very experienced in almost every genre with the exception of special effects and prosthetics. You will still find my pricing very competitive and when you book with me you know that the person who will be working for and with you is the same person who has done the makeup on every photo on this website. I don’t use any “stock” photos or post photos where the makeup and hair were done by someone else.   Every photo on the website and the hundreds in my portfolios have makeup by me and 99.9% of the hair was done by me as well and I will be the one doing your makeup.

Check out more of my Actors and Model Shots in my Portfolio

Makeup for photography, video or TV clients needs to last under the lights and often long hours of a commercial photo shoot or video production. I know how to do makeup that will enhance and bring out you or your very best features, while minimizing any problem areas to make you look and feel your very best… and we will have fun doing it!


Fashion Portfolio of Katie

Makeup and Hair for Awards Shows, Red Carpet Events or a Portfolio Shoot…

Whether you need something fresh and light for a daytime business engagement or commercial headshot or an interview – or something more dramatic and exotic for evening events or special social occasions – or a sexy makeup and hairstyle for a boudoir photo shoot – you can feel confident that you will look your very best when I am finished.

Las Vegas is a major hub for conventions, events, contests, and competitions of all types. I try to give beauty pageant contestants, fitness competitors and bodybuilders that little bit extra that can help take them on to the awards platform.


zed cards for models and enterainers

Good makeup and photography makes for good zed cards and composites.


Pageants and Event Makeup and Hair Styling

The spotlights and bright lighting used at many events can wash out normal makeup and now with giant video screens and all of those closeups for the audience the makeup must be beautiful and perfect. I match the foundations with the bodies so there is no disconnect between the two. I carry over 100lbs of cosmetic and hair care products and tools to every job to cover every need.

Over 40 and Looking Great

 Makeup and Hairstyling for every type, age and style

While much of my work is with “beautiful” young models, I have worked with literally hundreds of very much “non-model” types, of all ages.

I myself am not a teenager and I know the special problems that older skin presents.

I will use the correct cosmetic products to correct, minimize and eliminate those problems. I use only the finest products and clients who want to look good at events and parties can feel confident that their makeup will last long into the night and that people will not be thinking about how much makeup they have on when they meet – It is my goal to make the makeup fit not only the occasion but the location and the event as well.

My goal is to ensure that my clients feel confident and empowered with a vibrant and healthy appearance befitting the occasion.