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Fees and Rates – Pricing – Costs for Makeup and Hair Services

Frequently Asked Questions about Fees and Rates for Make up Artist and Hair Stylist Services by Christiné Copeland for Las Vegas Events, Commercial and Private, Hair and Makeup for Photography, Video, TV and All Media

Cost for Event Makeup and Hair

Cost for Event Makeup and Hair

The total cost for makeup and hair can vary. The total cost is dependent on several things:

  • how many makeups and hair stylings are needed?
  • what type of services are needed?
  • the dates and time of requested service?
  • Hotel parking fees associated with the location where the work is to be done.

Christine’s normal Event Service Costs

Cost for Makeup and Hair

Christine’s minimum fee for in-your-hotel-room, on-location makeup and hair for the primary person is $225 plus any hotel parking fees.

Additional makeups and hair stylings done at the same location are normally charged at a “group rate”.

Group Rates for Additional Services.

If you would like to add another party member, Christine has group rates where the per service rates are discounted

— the more services she does in one appointment, up to 3 total makeup and hairs, all in the same room, the lower the average per service cost for everyone.

For additional party members, or to cut the time required, Christine may be able to organize an additional top artist at an additional cost. (Some Elaborate and Specialty Party Hair Styles may also be an additional cost)

— 1- Makeup and Hair and 1 Party member makeup OR hair only is $295 total and require approx. 2 1/2 – 3 hours).
— 1- Makeup and Hair and 1 Party member with both makeup AND hair is $360 total and require approx. 3 – 3 1/2 hours).
— 1- Makeup and Hair and 2 Party members makeup AND hair is $485 total and require approx. 4 1/2 – 5 hours).
— 1- Makeup and Hair and 3 Bridal Party members makeup and hair is $610 total and require approx. 5 1/2 – 6 hours).

__NOTE: Christine is also available at 8 hour, 10 hour and 12 hour day rates. Please request a quote if this is of interest to you.

All Makeup is done as requested and Hair Styling is done as desired (and what is possible with client’s hair and haircut). Some extremely complicated hair styles will require additional time and may be an additional fee.

Sessions includes lashes and integrating client-supplied clip-in extensions if desired,

Full 2 Hours is scheduled for Portrait Photo-Quality Makeup and Hair.

Good, clean work takes time, and 2 hours should be sufficient in case of last minute changes or delays. (Christine will usually arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the appointment time to set up and need 5 to 10 minutes after finishing to pack up.)

Christine brings a variety of high quality strip lashes in different sizes for all who want them and there is never a charge for lashes.

Rates Fees Costs – Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas

Rates Fees Costs – What is the cost for Makeup and Hair in Las Vegas with Christiné?

Christine’s rates are very competitive.  Christiné has been working in Las Vegas since 1994 and prior to that in Los Angeles and Munich. She has worked every type of production, and event. The actual cost for makeup and hair can vary depending on how many and what type of services are needed where and when the work is to be done and date(s) and time(s) of requested service(s).

If you would like a price quote, please send us the information on what exactly you need – Who, What, When and Where, – and we will get back to you ASAP with an all-inclusive, firm quote for what you request. Once we give you a quote for the services you request there will be no additional “extra cost items” added in at the end.

Events Parties and Group Rates

Events, Parties and Group Rates – 

Single booking are charged a normal per-person rate. When 2 to 3 persons, events or parties, are needing services, they are booked at a group rate. The more services Christine is able to do herself, the lower the average, per-person cost.

The discounted costs for additional persons, events or parties depends on the total number of services needed, and If there is sufficient time for Christine to do everyone herself. 

Travel distance, hotel parking fees, or any special services needed, will be considered and calculated into the total service costs.

Most Commercial Events are booked as 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour rates. In those cases, performing hair and makeup services are as-needed, for the entirety of the time booked. Therefore, groups of: 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour rates receive a discounted average fee over single person service rates.

Group Rates and Pricing information for Makeup and Hair services

4, 8, 10 and 12 hour Rates and Pricing information for TV Photo, Film, Video and Events

Makeup Only Pricing?

Makeup or Hair Only – Pricing

Single Makeup Only Pricing is available. However, our normal out-call “in-your-room” or “at-your-location” booking rate is for a minimum of 2 services: makeup and hair-styling, or 2 makeups only, or 2 hair-stylings.

The two service minimum is however, not absolute.  Depending on the date, day of the week, time, location and the type and style, the single Makeup Only service  may be available. Same-day or next-day requests may also be available. The best value, price-wise, is always with 2 or more services.

If you are familiar with Las Vegas you know that just traveling to and from hotels and other venues in Las Vegas takes some time. It can require as much as 1 hour (20 to 30 minutes each way) depending on which hotel or venue and the time of the day.

Once at the hotel or venue, parking, unloading and getting to the room or event location is at a minimum, another 10 – 15 minutes in each direction. It can be a very long walk through the labyrinth of the hotel concourse, hallways, and elevators.

We calculate in a minimum of 45 minutes just to get to a booking and another 45 minutes to get back or to the next booking.  It usually takes about an hour to do a single makeup, getting set-up, doing the service, and packing up to leave. That adds up to a total of 2 1/2 hours.

If you are local, have the time and transportation and want to come to Christine (4 miles west of the Strip just off of Sahara) her fee is comparable to most quality salon based makeup artists.

Pricing information for Event Makeup and Hair services

Pricing information for TV Photo, Film, Video and Commercial Events

cost for makeup trial?

What is the cost of a makeup trial?

The cost for makeup trial will vary. Do you want a makeup trial only? or makeup and hair? or maybe hair only? For the best rate a Trial should be booked with the wedding or event session. Mention that you want a trial in your Quote Request and we will include that in your quote. If you know what you want and can bring or send Christiné photos and are sure that your haircut will work with the style you want, there may be no need for a trial.

However, the day of the wedding is not the day to be indecisive, and there is almost never time to try different styles. If you are unsure about how you want your makeup done and what hairstyle you want, we then recommend a trial.

A trial almost always takes longer than the actual makeup and hair service. For a trial Christiné will discuss the styles you are wanting, make recommendations, go over colors and possible hair styles, and go from there. It will usually take a minimum of 2 hours.

Pricing-information-for-Makeup and Hair services

Can you stay for touch ups, photos, makeup, hair changes?

Can you stay for touch ups, photos, makeup and hair changes?

In the case of private events and photoshoots, Christine can often stay after the initial makeup and hair is finished, IF the additional time is booked with the session. This service is priced at $50 – $100 per hour in addition to the initial service rate. She will stay and do touch ups as needed or desired. She can also change the hairstyle and glamorize the makeup to give the client a different look for the different setups or for the shoot day.

Christine is also available at a day rate. Please ask for a quote if that is something you would like.

Get Pricing information for Non-Commercial Makeup and Hair services

If I cancel can I get a refund of my Deposit?

Cancellation Policies for Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Services

Cancellation Policies: Refunds on retainer deposits depend on how far in advance the booking is cancelled, if it is postponed and if the date(s) are premium dates or normal mid-week days. Cancellation refunds and rescheduling is covered in our Booking Agreement:

Your Deposit

 A Deposit of 50% applied towards the total fee is required for all hair and makeup bookings.

Most events are booked weeks or months in advance. Your deposit is your guarantee that Christine will perform the agreed upon services at the times and dates as listed in your Booking Agreement.

This Booking Agreement prevents Christiné and any other artists who might be booked with her, from taking any jobs that might interfere with them being able to perform your agreed upon services.

In this time they quite possibly will turn down other booking opportunities that might come up for the same date.

Refunds of deposits

We have a sliding scale for refunds. Refunds take into consideration how far in advance the booking is cancelled or rescheduled and the credit card or Paypal fees encountered for processing the original sale and the refund. In making payment of your deposit you acknowledge the following:

Cancellation Policies

  • On a cancellation with more than 45 days notice, we will refund your deposit in full less a 15% service and bankcard fee.
  • If cancelled 30 – 44 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $50 cancel fee.
  • If cancelled within 15- 29 days prior you will be charged a 15% service and bankcard fee + a $100 cancel fee.
  • When cancelled within 3 – 14 days of your booking date, the entire deposit is not refundable.
  • a cancellation within 48 hours of your booking date, the deposit is not refundable and a cancellation fee equal to the unpaid balance of the full quoted rate will be due.

In the case of postponements or rescheduling,

We will, when possible, move your new date or time, at no cost, for the same services, to your new date or time. If however we are already booked or not available for that date or time, rescheduling may not be possible. We will also assist in helping you find an available artist. In such a case when other options do not exist, this will be considered a cancellation and the normal cancellation policies and refunds of deposits fees will apply.

Best Price for Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas

Best Price for Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas

So what is the determining factor for what is the best price for hair and makeup in Las Vegas? When looking for the best price it is important to remember, booking an artist is not like buying a toaster, or a new microwave. You have to look at their work.

Artists and Stylists are not created equal.

 Not only do they have different skill levels and experience, but you also must consider their personality and character. They will be with you prior, and often right up to the moment your event begins. When going in front of the camera, going up on stage or reciting your wedding vows, you want an artist with your best interest in mind, who is positive and happy.

Shopping for lowest price is not the best way to pick artists of any type.

Hair and Makeup Agencies

If you are considering booking service through a hair and makeup agency realize they have many artists. The artists have various skill and experience levels as well as different personalities.

Also understand, that the photos on the agency website are hand picked from what can be from a dozen different artists and stylists that they send out.

Look carefully at the quality and quantity of the portfolio of the actual artist that will do your work – not the work of the agency. Ask if the artist has their own website. Get a guarantee from the agency that the work they show to you is the actual work of the artist who will be doing your services. Know who and what you are paying for.

Christiné’s Price for Hair and Makeup

Christiné is not the least expensive, nor is she the most expensive.  Her normal price for Hair and Makeup, done at the clients location is $225.  She offers “group pricing”. The more services she is able to do herself at one booking, the less the cost for each service.

The way you look in your photos will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Christiné wants to make sure you smile every time.

Send us the information on exactly what you need – Who, What, When and Where, – and we will get back to you ASAP with a firm quote that is all inclusive.

Get Pricing Quote for Private Events Makeup and Hair services

Get Pricing Quote for TV Photo, Film, Video and Events

Tattoos, scars, stretch-marks

Makeup coverup for tattoos, scars, stretchmarks, and brown spots.


Makeup coverup for tattoos, scars, stretchmarks, and brown spots requires multiple layer  applications and additional time.

Many do not want their tattoos, stretchmarks or scars show in their photos. Covering them with makeup can be difficult. Make up can only correct and cover the coloring of the areas. Most scars, stretchmarks and some tattoos are three dimensional. They are not smooth, and even when covered with makeup, the shadows and highlights that occur when illuminated at some angles will still be visible.

Hide tattoos, scars, stretchmarks

The best solution when possible is to find a way to cover the problem areas with your wardrobe or accessories instead of covering them with makeup.

Covering tattoos scars and stretchmarks with makeup

We can do spot cover-ups of tattoos, stretchmarks and scars , however you must have realistic expectations. It will not look perfect under every lighting situation. We cannot guarantee that the makeup will not rub off on your clothing or on those you come in contact with.

The color of scars and tattoos and stretchmarks can usually be changed sufficiently by layering foundations and coverups to closely match the adjacent skin color, however changes of lighting types, the direction of the light and the varying color temperatures of the different light sources that you will encounter during your day, including the harsh light of direct flash photography may show variations in color and reflectance on “spot or small areas of makeup”. This is because skin and makeup reflect light and react to those variables differently.

This is especially a problem for tattoos, stretch marks and scars where the area of the skin is raised slightly higher than the normal skin, or has a texture to it making it 3 dimensional. We cannot eliminate shadows that will come and go depending on the direction of the light…

Another consideration is the location of the cover-up. If the areas will have a lot of contact and or rubbing with fabric from your dress, veil, straps, sleeves, or perhaps more importantly those you hug or rub up against when walking together or during mingling with guests, you will have problems. No matter how well set, makeup will not hold up under sustained contact or friction without continual attention.

Because this type of cover-up will take additional time it must be booked with the service in advance so reserved booking times will include the time to do it. The larger and darker the area the more time that is required to cover it. Covering dark tattoos on very light pale skin completely can be very time consuming. it will usually be a small additional fee of up to $25 for the first 15 minutes.

Spray tan coverups

For multiple large tattoos full-body spray tanning is the best choice. You can find local spray tan businesses in Las Vegas by Googling for them.  Be sure and ask if they can cover tattoos completely.


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